Retailers are implementing the latest fulfillment innovations including robots on the warehouse floor, omnichannel fulfillment technology, autonomous last-mile delivery and sustainability in packaging, last mile fulfillment and more.

In this issue of Digital Commerce 360 Retail, dive into how automation and sustainability practices are driving today's fulfillment with the following content:

  • How warehouse robots automate and speed up ecommerce fulfillment
  • How merchants are making fulfillment more sustainable by changing product packaging
  • The many paths to omnichannel fulfillment including curbside pickup and online order fulfillment
  • How robots could transform the way companies deliver online orders
  • An exclusive Q&A featuring Fergal Glynn, VP of marketing at 6 River Systems, on how automation helps retailers adapt to changing demands across the entire fulfillment journey

DC360 Fulfillment in the Age of Automation and Sustainability-1