2020 has turned fulfillment on its head, and retailers are dealing with unparalleled challenges in their fulfillment operations. Many merchants faced a surge in online sales as a result of nationwide store closures, along with a decrease in efficiency because of increased safety measures. These circumstances have placed a strain on retailers and carriers alike. But retailers are working hard to respond to the chaos. Many quickly evaluated their fulfillment options and adjusted as necessary, such as launching curbside pickup and shipping orders from stores.

In Digital Commerce 360's "The Fulfillment Report: 2020 Edition," you'll find data and an in-depth analysis of these recent e-commerce fulfillment trends including:

  • How leaders in e-commerce have changed the fulfillment game
  • The impact of COVID-19 on e-commerce fulfillment
  • How and why retailers launched curbside pickup
  • Shipping challenges and opportunities amid a pandemic
  • Why retailers choose to outsource fulfillment                     

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