Webinar: Optimize Fulfillment with Collaborative Robotic Picking 


In today’s fulfillment landscape, lightning-fast speed is king. The surge in e-commerce and omni-channel is mandating all companies to pick, pack and ship faster than ever before. But without the right methodologies, tools or staff to support this new norm, warehouse operators are struggling to keep clients, customers and their bottom-lines happy.

Enter technology, the great equalizer. With emerging picking techniques, operators are doing more with less, powering the next generation of warehouses.

In this webinar you’ll learn about: -Emerging picking techniques innovative warehouses are using -Case studies and hard facts on ROI from new picking methods -Key takeaways on trends in picking techniques.


  • Adrian Kumar Vice President of Solutions Design DHL Supply Chain
  • Jerome Dubois Co-Founder & Co-CEO 6 River Systems
  • Moderator: Bob Trebilcock Executive Editor Modern Materials Handling
“6 River Systems’ software and their collaborative robot Chuck has increased our productivity, reduced error rates 50 percent, and reduced training times to a matter of hours.”
Lewis Frazer, SVP, Barrett Distribution Centers